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The V-Nd:YAG Handpiece

The V-Nd:YAG Handpiece

for vascular lesions 

Vascular Lesions

Free skin from redness or any vascular lesions!

Vasular lesions may appear on both the body and face and is influenced by age, hormonal factors, gender, pregnancy, lifestyle and more. The common reasons for vascular lesions are venous hypertension within underlying varicose veins and blood flow abnormalities within the reticular veins. These vascular lesions can vary in size, depth, blood vessel concentration or origin, which requires different technological solutions.

With Nd:YAG treatments we can address your specific vascular conditions, according to lesion type, size an dept you want to remove.

Treatable Vascular Conditions:
• Spider Veins/leg veins
• Cherry Hemangiomas

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